TriAtis Global

TriAtis is a learning and development organisation. We develop talented individuals who become influential leaders and make meaningful impacts to organisations. Our accelerators are designed to equip contemporary leaders to remain relevant, responsive and rigorous.

The 4th industrial revolution is changing the way we work, shaping the workforce and changing the landscape of the workplace. The way we work is evolving, that’s visible. Worker’s mindset are changing, that’s evident. Advancement in tech has made leaders incredibly self-aware, if the skills they possess are in sync with the growing needs of the market.

A survey by deloitte, shows that 83% of mid career leaders exit their career due to frustration. With baby boomers staying longer in work, over 2.2 millions of over 50s are forced into part time work according to national statistics (ONS) due to age discrimination leaving many Gen X (born 1965-80) stuck in the so-called frozen middle. The 2019 intergenerational unfairness report by the House of Lords shows that many are now worse off than their parents.

In a fast changing digital world, location and education are irrelevant. The youngest CEO built and sold his business at $3 billion at the age of 23, his name is Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, a college drop out.

History of the programme

Our programmes are designed to equip leaders at every stage of their lifestyle. From our career outplacement and our accelerator programme are for those looking to enhance their career and  leadership development programme is for leaders who want to make meaningful impacts to organisations.

The founder

TriAtis is a trade mark of TriExForces group, the brain child of Samuel T. Reddy. Mauritian born, his career started out in the local government, followed by a career in the British Armed Forces. As a multi award winning member of British Armed Forces, Samuel has successfully engaged and transitioned from all three sectors, government, business and the 3rd sector. He is an author and international best seller of the book ‘Leavers To Leaders’ which is now available in 17 countries and impacts lives from military leavers to thousands of others who are feeling overlooked, undervalued and frustrated in their career.

The name TriAtis is a combination of the three main focus of our programme which are Change, Strategy & Leadership (Tri). Atis is an abbreviation of the Latin word ‘aetatis’ which means ‘happening now’. TriAtis represents our adapting programmes with the ever changing world to keep leaders relevant, responsive and rigorous. Our head office is in Southampton  Hampshire United Kingdom, with an offices is  Ebene-Mauritius.

The group has been nominated for several awards including being a double finalist for the New Forest Brilliance in Business for some of our brands.

Our mission

At TriAtis we’re committed to developing leaders at every stage of their lifestyle using the  ‘Leaders Operating System‘ so that they can be relevant, rigorous and responsive.